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    Dear doctor,
    My baby is 7 months old. She started to eat fruit and vegetable. I am `still breast feeding her but the quantity is lower day by day. I can breatspump around 60ml. She progresses well. I tried other milk, nan, hipp but she refuses. I breastfeed her in the morning in the afternoon and in the evening. How much mother's milk she should take per day? Isn't this too little for hert? Please advise. Thanks

    Odgovoreno: 04. 05. 2009.
    • For a 7 months old baby it is sufficient to breast feed it 3 times a day, rest of the meals has to be provided with fruits, vegetables and meat. There is no need to add any artificial milk. Everything is ok with your baby and milk. It is usual to have less breast milk after 7 months.

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