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    Juče mi je rađen dabl test, pa me zanima da li je rezultat u redu? Dob: 3/10/1979; maternal age at edd: 30 eears, edd: 26/01/2010 gestational age based on ultrasound scan. Ultrasongraphic gestational age 12 weeks, 1 daus on date 7/15/2009. Real gestational age at screenin date: 12 weeks and 1 days. Screening date 7/15/2009. Gaussian marks level of free beta hcg 45.71 mlu/ml at 7/15/2009: 1.53mom. Level of papp-a 2349 mlu/l at 7/15/2009: 1.74mom level of nuchal translucency 2mm (crl of 53mm): 1.42 mom marker values have been corrected by, weight (92kg). Downs syndrome risk; 1:4285 calculted as risk at delivery date. Low risk. The maternal age related risk for downs syndrome is 1:866. Edwards and pataus syndrome risk; less than 1:100000 calculated as risk at delivery date. Low risk.
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