Narcotics ( Drugs)

 Everithing You are inetresed in concernig using medicenes and narcotics. Find out additional methods as well as about Plastic Surgery.

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Cranck has many names: Ice, Benzedrine, Chalk, Meth, Dixies, Diamonts, Mao, Mollies, Jugs, Ups Ice, Yaba, Tina, Christina ili Crystal Meth...
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PCP (phenylcyclohexilpiperydin)

PCP is a very dangerous drug because of its unpredictability. The dose of 10 miligramms causes the state similar to schizophrenia, hallucinations and flying.
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Peganum (Peganum harmala, a flying carpet)

This famous plant is from the family Zigophyllacae; it grows to one meter and has white flowers. It grows in the desert of the Central Asia, and can be found in the South Europe, Africa, The Far East and North America. 
Area article Narcotics ( Drugs)
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Payot (known as nahuatl or peyotl) is a cactus which contains hallucinogene substances, and grows on the territory of Mexico and the south of the USA.
Area article Narcotics ( Drugs)
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GHB (gammahydroxibutyrat)

GHB, known os a drug for rape, belongs to the category of depressors of the nervous system. It is colourless and tasteless which makes it easy for putting in a drink. The different names for GHB are G, Liquid, liquid ecstasy.
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Rape drug - Rohypnol

Flunitrazepam, more known as Rohypnol, is the most known as „drug for raping“. Since the 80s, this drug is more used by rapists and thieves than...

Marijuana leads to mental diseases

According to the latest report of the White House, a dangerous combination of depression, adolescence and marijuana can lead to addiction, mental di...

Cocaine in pregnancy permanently reduces the verbal abilities in children

Children, whose mothers took cocaine during pregnancy, show below-average verbal abilities in the early development, and later in life, they do not ...